Two posts in one day? Yes, because if I post about a project, then I’m too stubborn to not finish it!

On Sunday, I offered up an introduction to Anchor, the first character from my new potential world who introduced himself to me.

And by four yesterday morning, my brain had kindly deposited itself into that same world, to finally give me my own first tour around.

And by that, I mean I suddenly woke up buried in next to my cat, blinking, and still half in the throes of an uncharacteristically-vivid dream, if the sheer levels of confusion it entailed were still sadly characteristic of my brain enough.

It seemed to me more snapshots of a world than a linear sort of story (and never mind the fact that said snapshots were, inexplicably, presented to my brain in comic-book format?); but it took until I was much more awake for me to realise what that world actually was.

Of course, it was his.

A sweeping human love story was set against soaring multi-coloured scarves, or perhaps they were meant as prayer flags, or some cultural fusion of the two intended to warm both the body and the soul. The last likely would have been ideal — as, I learned, a war was on. Battle-elephants and literal-airships (that is to say, boats who had been magicked into the skies) came smearing together in a strangely steampunk-coloured sort of apocalypse that began to overshadow most everything else.

Also there were cat people. I don’t know why there were cat people, but I’ve long since given up arguing with my brain.

And with cats, for that matter.

So I suppose cat people it is. (Probably the girlcat I was asleep beside busied herself wafting fur up into my nose, in the hopes that I would inhale it and so allow her to somehow overtake my brain. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised; she seems the sort. Most cats do.)

I’m still feeling rather blindly at all these edges, trying to scramble them back into some sort of order, but I think I’m beginning to see where all the pieces might go, bit by bit.

And it occurs to me that, though I’ve been writing since before I could get my fingers to physically form the words, I’ve never tried my hand at a proper world-building project.

Maybe it’s finally high time that I did.

Surreal as it all still sounds, even to me, I can sense a pattern here, something that I can suss out and so follow to its roots.

I have a thread. And a single thread is all you need to begin to weave.

So let’s just see where all of this goes. :)


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