Debookery indeed.

I finally gave this blog a proper title tonight, as opposed to the simple smiley face that it had been before.

Debookery is even more appropriate than the smiley, I feel, as evidenced by today in general!

For example, this is logical sequence of events in Jaceyland:


Go to the library, pick through their booksale room.

Buy book, leave library.

Go immediately afterwards to a used bookstore having a moving sale.

Leave store with literal box full of books.

Come home, have dinner.

Decide halfway through dinner that you want to go right back to the library again.

Do so. Buy yet another book, for a grand total of about fifteen. All in one day.

(Bonus points if you:
a. Do this while so sick you have all but completely lost your voice, and/or
b. Do this, and still somehow feel as though you did not buy enough books.)


Then, despite the fact that I already have a pile of books waiting to be read that is quite possibly literally as tall as me, several of which I’ve already started, I decided to start reading one of the new lot. The one that is over a thousand words long. (Stephen King’s Under the Dome, if you were curious, which quite literally made me squeakgasp in glee when I found it for a dollar in the used shop.)

Debookery indeed. ♥


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