Writerly Wednesday: Writerly Web-haunts!

The internet can be both a blessing and a curse, for authors. Story research is only a few clicks away, as are infinite opportunities to connect with both fellow writers and future readers alike — but so too are an equally-infinite smattering of distractions. (I’m particularly vulnerable to cute critters, myself.)

So how is a struggling author to stay on task?

By finding the productive sorts of distractions, of course!

Which leads me to my query:

What are your favourite writing-related haunts on the web? (Not necessarily writer resources — we’ll get to those in a later post! We’re talking mainly haunts, places to hang out and/or network, for now.)

I’ll get us started with a quick handful!


Holly Lisle’s website, particularly the Forward Motion section. If you’re not yet familiar with Holly Lisle, you’re welcome. I just did you what very well may be the biggest favour of your writing life. I absolutely swear by this woman, and have for years now — I was letting her writing teach me on its own long before realising that she actually makes it a point to help teach people about writing herself. And if you click on nothing else in this post, click on this. I can promise you that if you give her a chance, your life will be changed.

writing.com has a reputation that precedes itself…and with a name like writing.com, how could it not? Plus, with the sheer number of members it boasts, you’ve got numerous chances to network, and numerous things to read!

Figment is a much newer site, seemingly geared largely towards the younger set of writers — but hey, I’m all about encouraging ’em early! (I was babbling out lines of rhyming poetry by age two, before I could even physically write down the words, so really how could I complain?)

Six Word Memoirs is exactly what the name implies, and a ridiculous amount of fun besides. It’s both a quick distraction and a surprisingly difficult challenge, so really, what could be better? :)


And now, it’s your turn! Share some of your own. :)


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