Six Sentence Sunday: Meet Desdemona!

Several Sundays ago, for Sample Sunday, I introduced the world at large to Anchor, the equine of my WIP who was the first to make my own acquaintance.

This Sunday, for Six Sentence Sunday, it’s the feline’s turn!

(Of course it is. It is always the feline’s turn.)

Cats can read, of course.

It’s an unnecessary skill, when one is already so close to being omniscient, but we’re practical creatures all the same. If we’re going to be sleeping on something, we may as well make the most use of it we can.

(Personally, I prefer Shakespeare. My humans called me Darling, but in my heart I answer to Desdemona — pointless and silly to many people, perhaps, but they’ll still talk of me for years after I’m gone. I’ll see to that.)

She’s a determined lady, this cat. Even shredded all of her peoples’ toilet paper before they drove her out, just so she could make a statement.

She regrets nothing.


18 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Meet Desdemona!

  1. Ha, love this! Different, and the first sentence puts me in mind of the beginning of Harry Potter (book 1) when the cat (really Professor McGonagall) looks to be reading a street sign!

    Fab six!

    • Hee, thank you so much! :D I’ve no idea how I didn’t make the leap to McGonagall myself, but really — any resemblance to her, however accidental, makes me a very happy girl. ♥

  2. Desdemona sounds like quite a troublemaker. So like a cat to shred the paper just to make a point.

  3. I absolutely love the name Desdemona. It has long been on the list of names I would name my daughter :)

    That Six Sentence Sunday sounds like an interesting challenge!

  4. Sounds cute ;) I think Desdemona would be great friends w one of my roommate’s cats…

    Sounds like a fun challenge. Cats are such ornery little things…

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