Writerly Wednesday: When an almost-arrest somehow leads you to PIE!

Sometimes, it takes twelve+ years to find the final title of your major WIP.

And sometimes, your muse just needs a little bit of extra encouragement to kick his arse into gear.

Such as your best friend (also of twelve+ years!) suddenly sending you a text to ask for advice!

Because, somehow, she had almost gotten arrested the night before. Due to the fact that a pizza delivery boy had somehow decided that she was randomly dealing drugs.

(One: No, I am not in fact making any of this up. Two: No, I can’t really say that any of this left me particularly surprised, because this would happen to her. Three: Why yes, I do fully intend to pen a book of her exploits one of these days, because dear lord could I ever and anyway she approves.)

And I really can’t say what exactly about this situation left my muse essentially jumping up and down in my skull going HEY HEY HERE’S A SWELL IDEA FOR A TITLE I TOLD YOU I’D GIVE YOU ONE ONE OF THESE DAYS HEY, but by that point, I was far beyond questioning. Anything. At all.

So I gave my muse a proverbial yes-dear pat on the head, made a giant mental note of this shiny new find with glittery exclamation points all around, and continued right on dispensing advice on the general topic of Why One Should Always Tip the Pizza Guy, Lest They Angrily Call the Police on You to Claim That You Deal Drugs.

And that was the start to my week, darlings! Actually, that’s honestly just par for the course for most days, for me.

In any case, long story short, my best friend isn’t in jail and my WIP is now finally titled, hooray!

And the title itself?


If you were wondering, that would be a PIE word. :) (PIE being Proto-Indo European, or otherwise The Most Awesome Language That Ever Was.) It means, essentially, “one with whom one has a reciprocal obligation of hospitality.” The idea that all interactions, be they person-to-person or person-to-god, are held together by an exchange of gifts.

Or sacrifice.

The word means reciprocity, balance, on a grandly sweeping scale. It ties us to one another; it ties us to the powers that be.

(And while it doesn’t mean ghost, the connotation there still suits me and this story just fine.)

And my own Ghostis is a mythology-flavoured urban fantasy tale, but I suppose that its new title in itself gives you a nice peek at its core. :)


6 thoughts on “Writerly Wednesday: When an almost-arrest somehow leads you to PIE!

  1. Love the title!

    And wow. Definitely making sure I tip the pizza man from now on. o.O Holy cow, that’s beyond wrong. -shakes head- That’s a pizza boy with a vengeance right there.

    • Thank you! :D

      And to be honest, that sort of thing is pretty typical for her life, haha. We’ve got an almost-infinite amount of crazy stories between us. :)

  2. I was about to suggest that you write a book on your friend’s exploits when you hit Three :D

    Has your friend ever assaulted you with a pillow whenever you were deep in sleep just for the heck of it?

    • :D

      No, but she has wrestled me bodily to the floor in an attempt to steal my pen (thereby convincing my also-crazy mother that we were Doing Something Illicit and making her hilariously apoplectic), and scared off my crazy neighbours by dancing in my window and screaming about squirrels, and… (Crazy is sort of a theme in my life, can you tell?)

  3. That is one hell of a title. I’d be intrigued to read it. I’m a sucker for short, one-word titles anyhow–and sometimes, it’s really difficult to find a unique one. Good job!

    • Thank you thank you! I do love one-word titles myself, I admit.

      And we should really trade stories sometime and help one another edit and brainstorm, I think. It’d be fun. :)

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