Writerly Wednesday: Inspiration lurks. (Or, I carried a computer home on the train.)

Not that long ago, I carried a typewriter home during a tornado watch.

Night before last, I may actually have almost topped that:

I carried a desktop computer (tower, monitor, keyboard, and all) home on the train.

(Bear in mind that I am roughly fairy-sized myself, here, and barely break five foot. I seem to’ve amused quite a few other passengers, cheerfully toting about the monitor and keyboard in bookstore shopping bags, with the tower cradled in my arms and taking up more space than my actual torso.)

I was asked if I needed help; I responded that I was having fun.

And I was. :)

And as for the computer — well, I got him for free, thanks to a lovely stroke of luck at work. (He was bought for the store, which turned out not to need him, and after a year of sitting unused in the breakroom, he was given a “Take me home!” sign and of course I did.)

So I shuffled him into bags as best I could, and off we went.

Acquisitions are much more fun if they start out with an adventure, after all.

But the real point of this post! He is now inspiring me to finally get my writing properly organised, once and for all. :) Which, obviously, will hopefully then lead to producing more!

Inspiration lurks in strange places, for me. Such as best friends almost getting arrested thanks to pizza delivery guys and carrying computers home on the train.

In short, there’s a story in everything, if you just know how to look. ♥


4 thoughts on “Writerly Wednesday: Inspiration lurks. (Or, I carried a computer home on the train.)

    • I honestly do forget, sometimes, that these sorts of things are not normal everyday occurrences for other people, hahaha. At least I will never ever run out of stories!

  1. 1.) I fear what you may attempt to carry home yet, God forbid the opportunity presents itself.

    2.) You’ve already discovered New Computer is a male. Does he have a name, too?

    • …you learn quickly, I see! :Db

      1. It’s really only a matter of time, now. I am sensing a trend here, and I embrace it fully.

      2. He does! His name is Clow, after a slightly crazy fictional wizard who enjoys mucking about with timewarps and clones. (I figured, if nothing else, that the story of how I got him home was crazy enough for that name to suit.)

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