Writerly Wednesday: A writing schedule? Me? (See also: Wordvomit is fun.)

I’ve said it before, and I will likely say it countless times over again: My brain is a blender.

Namely, it is a blender with precisely one setting: “GO”. (Which is augmented by the subsettings of “YAY” and “WHEE”.)

Thus leading us to this week.

See, I hear such sound and helpful writing advice as, “You should only ever work on one project at a time!” And I nod to myself, and I think, yes, that really is a sound idea!

Then my brain laughs at me. (It’s a sort of whirring sound, like blades going at roughly a thousand rotations a second with no end or lid in sight.)

And I, sensibly, gave up even attempting to argue with the damn thing a rather long time ago. So okay. That advice, while I do advocate it and wish I could put it to good use myself, probably is not for me.

I decided to settle, instead, for some vague sort of compromise.

Enter Jacey’s Potential Writing Schedule (version beta)!

As best I can figure, at this point in time, I can probably manage to juggle three to four writing projects at any given time, and so prevent my brain from entirely over-exerting itself or being so bored it self-destructs itself solely to spite me.

(This sounds like a lot, until you realise that along with being a blender, my brain also serves as a veritable Bunny Farm and harbours roughly 23049723562348 plot bunnies all at once, having been breeding them for twelve+ years now.)

• I will work on one fiction project, until I have a first draft ready to edit
• Then, as I am editing, I will begin Fiction Project #2
• And, during all of this, I will be playing with a nonfiction project and/or a YA/children’s project on the side!

We’ll see how it goes in practice, I suppose, but even seeing it written out here seems comfortingly not-daunting, to me. Being bored is the only daunting thing, because then my bloody brain really will just throw a fit at me and refuse to work at all.

(In short, I am an air sign, and sweet lord does it show. Inspiration? In spades. Vague fragment of an idea of how to keep it all together in an orderly fashion? Not a clue! S’okay, though. Wordvomit is fun. ♥)


One thought on “Writerly Wednesday: A writing schedule? Me? (See also: Wordvomit is fun.)

  1. I’m a Molasses Sign, which explains why I’m so slow.

    I’d say we have a writing race, but that wouldn’t even be fair with you juggling that many projects. Best of luck!

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