Writerly Wednesday: The greatest inspiration of all.

Sometimes, the most important thing to have while writing is just a little inspiration.

And what ever could possibly be more inspiring than a kitty? :)
Ever since my boycat Halo (see header above!) was a tiny little baby and not the inexplicable behemoth of a furball that he has grown into today, he has had an irrepressible desire to Help Mom.

Mostly, “Helping Mom” seems to entail chewing on my fingers. Or my elbow. Or attempting to eat my hair. (Which I suppose at least prods you into working faster…)

But sometimes, he actually almost manages to get it right! ♥
One of his very first favourite places to explore were my bookcases — clearly, he was ready and willing to start learning the craft! Or something.

Tolkien seemed especially fascinating. Halo always did like shiny things.

The sleepiest Smaug impersonation of all time.

But mostly he just knocked everything over.

Then, Halo discovered his very first writing tool — Pansy, my own first laptop! (Halo being a pansy himself, they were a match made in heaven.)

But his grand discovery tired him greatly, and so he just went to sleep.

And more recently, Halo has rediscovered his love of yet another writing tool: Pens!

He’s always loved them, really — they’re so fun to chew on when Mommy moves them around, and if you make a loud enough snorking sound while doing so, she may even stop just to stare at you!

But now, he is learning how to repurpose them as well! Specifically, entire cups full of them, standing on their ends.

Apparently, said ends also make for a really awesome pillow.

Maybe the stories will come out if you just find something pointy enough to poke holes in your brain...

And who am I to argue with a cat?


2 thoughts on “Writerly Wednesday: The greatest inspiration of all.

  1. Firstly, Halo is adorable. He also looks like a thinner (and male) version of my Maya. ::mini squee::

    Secondly, I emailed you. I really really really need the end of ‘Ark’ to finalize my art and mix due Tomorrow! O.O

    I get off work tomorrow at 12pm cst and was hoping to have everything unlocked by 6-7, so I can finish my HarryHet BB art due Sunday. Please, please, please send it to me? O.O

    (Also, I really hope the title stayed as ‘Ark’ because I’ve totally incorporated that already into my mix cover art. :D)

    Lastly, I have to admit that, while I’ve read the LotR trilogy + The Hobbit, I’ve never been able to really get into Tolkien’s writing style. >.< ::runs away::

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