Writerly Wednesday: Really now, plots are not so much bunnies as they are cats.

No matter how vehemently or viciously my brain may deny this statement, the very last thing I need right now is yet another writing project.

But my brain has a tendency to collect projects anyway, in much the same way that some people collect cats. And much like cats themselves, whether or not they are planned for, sometimes projects just simply happen, creeping up stealthily behind you to give you a solid sharp whack on the back of the heel before running maniacally and triumphantly amok.

And in my own defense, while I have roughly a dozen or so floating around in my head at any given time, none of them were The Project. Oh, there is my baby, the one that is essentially to me what The Dark Tower was to King, but for all that I adore it, that one isn’t the one for me to start out with. It isn’t the one I should aim to put out before anything else, the one that says “This is who I am as an author” and introduces potential readers to my body of work as a whole.

But maybe, just maybe, the new seedling that just sprouted into my head today is. At the very least, I am incredibly excited about it — excited enough to consider even temporarily dropping everything else in favour of finishing this one! (And for Libratastic little me, this kind of decisiveness is nothing short of astounding.)

Tentatively titled Four Worlds, it’s looking to be a novella, fairy-tale prose wrapped around fragments snatched from a particular true-life crime, one I’ve admittedly always found inordinately fascinating. (Feel free to guess which, but as right now things are still far too nebulous for me to actually come out and tell.)

Beyond that — well, who knows? I certainly can’t tell what my brain to do.

It is clearly going somewhere with this one, and really, what else do I even need to know? :)

(And rest assured, even though I may have been quiet on social networking sites as of late, my brain itself clearly has been anything BUT quiet, hah.)


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