On The Shining sequel, more Mid-World, and helping to spread the Gospel of Gunn.

World, may I just say that holy god I am excited about the fact there’s going to be a sequel to The Shining?

(Not particularly surprised, necessarily, being that Stephen King is Stephen King and the words just don’t ever stop with this man, but excited. ♥)

I love King in general, I do, but I admit The Shining I’ve a particular soft spot for.

Namely, because I read it for the first time in a hotel. Right down the hall from room 217, to be exact.

(Yes, that is Jaceylogic for you, at its finest. “Oh, I’m going on a trip, and will need something to read at the hotel! OH I KNOW HOW ABOUT THE SHINING THAT’S A GOOD SOLID CHOICE RIGHT?” In my own defense, not a single thing ended up scaring me save the descriptions of hornets, even with all of the added atmosphere, but still. Oh, self.)

If I get the chance, I am totally reading this one in a hotel, too. Reputations to upkeep, and all that!
And on a very much related but somehow even more exciting note, is this.

I found a mention of that one while I was at work today, before I even heard about Dr. Sleep, and I just. Yes.

The Dark Tower renders me a little bit incoherent, in case you couldn’t tell. While I certainly enjoyed The Shining (and, honestly, everything else of King’s I’ve read to date), The Dark Tower is one of those series that I feel in my goddamn bones. I don’t know how to put it any better than that, but I feel like that sums it up as well as anything.

And I firmly believe that there is not nearly enough Eddie Dean in this world, so in no way can this book be a bad thing. ♥
And for one final book-related anecdote of the night:

Today, at work, I also came across a misshelved copy of Tim Gunn’s Gunn’s Golden Rules.

Stuck in the religion section.

Needless to say, while an anal-retentive bookslut I may be (and never mind the fact that keeping books tidy is, you know, my job), I left it precisely where it was.


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