Jedi Masters and medical equipment: All in a day’s work at a bookstore! Apparently.

When I walked into the mall where I work this morning, I noticed a rather large gaggle of people randomly gathered around an old man.

Said old man was proudly brandishing a green plastic lightsaber for them all to see, for no apparent reason.

I am still not entirely sure, and neither is anyone else really, but I can only hope that if I ever reach that man’s age I too am that bizarrely awesome.
Later on in the afternoon, another man approached me as I stood at the information desk of the bookstore where I work. The regular trade bookstore, which is located in a regular shopping mall, mind. (Okay, maybe not so regular if we’ve an influx of wannabe-Jedi Masters meandering about, but you get the idea.)

The following entirely serious exchange ensued:

“Do you have medical equipment, like stethoscopes?”
“…books about them, or actual medical equipment?”
“The actual equipment.”
“I think they have them in your store in New York!”

At which I essentially just had to tell him “…okay. But still no,” and send him back off on his merrily confused way, hopefully to find Mssr. Jedi Master and enlist the Force’s aid in finding these elusive medical supplies. (And try not to think too hard about the fact that, if he was in such desperate need of medical supplies, shouldn’t he already know where to look for them?)

I’m still not entirely sure about that little fiasco, either, but I am amused.
And in slightly-more-normal news, ten hours on a bus loom in my very near future — and this, of course, means books! After a bit of musing, I decided I wanted something physically thick (as I read entirely too quickly, sometimes) but light in terms of readability (as I also will likely be incredibly distracted and so, say, would not be in the mood to tackle something like A Song of Ice and Fire), and preferably in mass-market size so I could fit it more readily into my bag.

As I decided this, I spotted a copy of The Somnabulist by Jonathan Barnes on the shelf and had to pick it up, being suddenly reminded of one of my favourite songs from back in high school, by the same name. The Somnambulist, as it turned out, did not fit a single one of my parameters, but was such a painfully all-over Jacey-book that I still could not pass it up. I’m so excited to start reading it. ♥

…except now, I need at least a second book for the bus, too. I’ve my eye on China Mieville’s Un Lun Dun (predictable? Jacey? perish the thought!), but can’t quite decide how I feel about it. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Neverwhere are two of my all-time favourite books, and I can’t tell if Un Lun Dun‘s apparent resemblance to them would be a huge point in its favour, or if it would just make me wish I was reading one of them instead. Perhaps a bit of both.

Thoughts? Similar books I might like to sink my teeth into? Books that actually fit my original specifications? (Or not, because god knows I am far too much of a bookslut to ever successfully limit my reading? Obviously. Ahem.)

Or maybe I should just try and find Mssr. Jedi Master again myself, too.


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