Yes, my first blog post of the new year does indeed begin with an exclamation point.


Yes, my first blog post of the new year does indeed begin with an exclamation point. I feel like it deserves one.

Because, after more than two years of living here, I have finally discovered the perfect nearby coffeeshop to write in. ♥

It’s adorable. All a sunny sort of yellow that somehow I find comforting (which is impressive in its own right, as I tend to prefer either cooler blues or darkly warm autumn colours), except for an endearingly eclectic mix of monochromed pictures (random artsy sketches on one wall; black and white inks of actors and actresses on the other) and black sofas and chairs to match them. The coffee itself is wonderful, too — I tried their house blend, straight black, as my way of testing out any new coffee place, and was quite pleasantly surprised by it. (They also apparently do a chai plus green tea smoothie, which means that I now have a gigantic problem and will probably never drink anything else again.)

But really, if I’m going to be honest, what completely sold me on the place was their repeatedly playing Craig David, and I am not even bothering to be ashamed by this. In my own defense, I am a sucker for British music and I’d not heard him in years, which helps to explain my excitement when I realised just what was on. Plus, now that I have heard him again, it occurs to me that I’d probably quite enjoy writing to his music, as well, as it alternates between just the right kind of cheerfully bouncy and just the right kind of relaxing that I need to both stay energetic and to help envelope myself in my work.

All in all, I think I’m going to make it a habit to spend a good bit of time in there writing on my days off, and maybe even put in some early-morning writing jaunts too before I have to go to the day job. Hopefully, I can get a lot accomplished this way. ♥

Between that, and my finally discovering my love for Virginia Woolf recently as well, what with choosing Mrs. Dalloway as my first book of the year, 2012 is off to a damned good start. :)


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