Never gonna give this up?

Today, I went on my first writerly jaunt to my newfound favourite cafe!

And the experience, overall, was lovely. ♥

I finished up a series of character-study-snippets for the five main characters in The Novel (more on these later!), their chai and green tea smoothie is amazing almost to the point of some sort of caffeine-related religious experience, and the very sweet barista offered me a coupon entitling me to a free muffin roughly the size of my bloody head.

My one complaint would have been that the music wasn’t quite as fun as it had been last time — oldschool J.Lo can’t beat British men, at least not for me.

But then I started getting ready to leave, and I suddenly noticed that the song playing had changed.

I paused. Listened. Tried very hard not to laugh as I realised it really was what I’d thought.

And sure enough, I was, in fact, Rickrolled by my new favourite writing spot.

Well, if that isn’t a sign that I am not allowed to give this little habit up, I don’t know what would be. Thanks, Rick Astley! (And thank you, writing gods, for apparently still having quite the sense of humour.)

This would happen to me, really. Get myself all set on doing something productive and professional, and somehow get Rick Astley in the bargain.

(And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it suits, or that I was particularly surprised.)


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