Six Sentence Sunday: Meet Tina.

And now we’ve reached the end of my little experiment with the six-sentence character bios!

Except, really, this is most likely a lie. I had so much fun doing this that I can’t really imagine not doing it again, so don’t be surprised if I do! :) (Read: Do this for damn near every character I have ever had or will ever have again, hah.)

This, however, is the end of the main characters from The Novel.

To recap, the others have been Kye, Marin, Alex, and Gabbie.

And now, last but most certainly not least, Tina! ♥

Tina talked to trees.

It was a habit she had developed, in the aftermath, in the After; at first it was the only talking she would do.

It suited her, she found. Her hair stretched wildly like roots all her own, she struggled to open her arms as wide as branches, she moved with a gentle swaying like a sapling in the wind; but deep inside, she was strangely quiet and still.

And you could not see the marks on her, After, the way that she had changed and starved and shoved upwards and grown.

She would have to be split open, before you could see the rings.


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