Three Word Wednesday: Luminous

This week, the prompts for Three Word Wednesday are draft, locate, and serenity!

And this nebulous little thing is what I got out of them. :)

She hides in empty houses, and listens to wind whispering in through the walls.

In the summer, her favourite hideouts are those with holes in their rooftops, and she sprawls on her back beneath them and watches carefully for planes. (Her favourite sound, accordingly, is that of jet engines ripping through the night, a promise of eyes in other places staring up at these same stars.)

Her protruding collarbones push against the threadbare fabric of her shirt as it rides up against her also-protruding ribs, and pale lips pull back against her teeth in a grin every bit as sharp. She is content, and collects fireflies in lieu of the electricity for lamps.

She doesn’t need a bright sort of light to guide her way, just a scattering of sparkles to remind her that the earth still shines.


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