Six Sentence Sunday: Cages

This week, I’ve decided to go back to an old piece of a project, something I wrote last year for LiveJournal’s Fantasy Big Bang. I had written my required ten-thousandish words of it and wrapped up an ending of sorts for the deadline, but the story in itself, I knew, was far from done.

What I didn’t know, however, was what in the hell to do with it.

Except now it is Fantasy Big Bang time again, and suddenly, I think I just might know, that it might just be time to return to that world and explore.

So hey, here goes. :)

The humans no longer had any use for the shores. The sea provided no sense of wonder that their new magic could not outshine, and it was uncomfortably primordial besides.

Roots no longer mattered, in this day and age. They only wanted what was sparkling and shining and new.

The reasons they voiced were logical, of course (we can’t trust the ships not to rust too; now we don’t need to brave the waters for energy or food –), but in truth it was fear.

If you give humans a key, inevitably they will twist the metal and try to make it a cage.


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