Three Word Wednesday: Thieves

I instantly adored this week’s prompts over at Three Word Wednesday: Dependence, kept, and rumple.

And I had a lot of fun writing my response, even if I didn’t have the time to give it quite the attention it deserved. :)

Hopefully I’ll get to come back to this scene soon!

It was thievery, of a sort.

He took from her; she took herself from him, stretching herself too thin to exist on stolen time.

But she echoed, as she waited, painted herself in miniature reflections of the universe as if attempting to at least offer something back in turn.

Her eyelids rose and fell like the phases of the moon, the whites of her eyes themselves smudged with sickly golds and angry reds, miniature tableaux of plunder bled upon by pirates and the sea.

She was a jaundiced queen in her tangled kingdom of sheets, and she wore the bedclothes like royal robes or a strangely beautiful sort of shroud.

And she was somehow determined to stay ensnared, as if sabotaging herself for his own sake; as if she could only hold herself still if she hid herself away.


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