Six Sentence Sunday: Lights

Edit: Linkytools kept crashing on me when I attempted to add this to the official Six Sunday list for this week, so I’m not entirely sure whether it’ll actually be on there or not. But since the post itself was ready to go, I didn’t really see much point in deleting it, so here it is anyway!
These past two weeks, I’ve been sharing older snippets of a work that I did for last year’s Fantasy Big Bang, and planned to revisit for this year’s.

This week, I finally did revisit it, and have finallyfinallyfinally began writing in this world again. :)

However, in this snippet, that world has actually just ended — so have a post-apocalyptic sort of piece!

There were psychology textbooks tucked away downstairs, cradled in the accumulating dust. She had read through them, once, and recited passages to herself now to pass the time, symptoms and psychoses like mantras and prayers.

They no longer mattered, she supposed, but there was nothing else to do.

She herself was not angry, she knew. She did not resent what had happened, or whatever had caused it; she was calm. Numb, she might have said instead, but for the way everything left inside of her seemed to flash with light when a new phase of this end appeared, like an audience clapping at the end of a play’s act.


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