Six Sentence Sunday: A steampunk-esque Rapunzel.

This little lady literally just popped into my head roughly a half hour or so ago. I’ve no idea who she is, or where she came from — but I do know that I’m having a hell of a lot of fun with her already. :)

She was kept inside the clock tower, with only the cogs and soft shurring sounds of giant golden hands for company.

The hours were marked with large clusters of gems (their numbers corresponding with the hours themselves), but these, she could not see. She was deprived of natural shine, of both the gems from the earth and the sun from above; but she still had the workings hidden here behind the clock’s face.

She slipped wraithlike alongside the wheels and the cogs, worked at scraping their accumulating rust away, smiled as it flaked down to settle instead on her skirts.

They no longer turned reliably, seeming to move only when it suited them and at whatever pace they desired, but it was their potential for energy that she loved. Their potential for movement could mimic even the movement of the heavens themselves, and she thought this an amazing thing.


13 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: A steampunk-esque Rapunzel.

  1. I actually agree with both reverendhellfire and epbeaumont on their assessment – and I love your six!

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  3. Obviously, something is pulling at you in this story. It’s such a fun journey exploring the possibilities! Her life has only been confined in the clock tower, now she must explore the other side!

  4. This is a wonderful idea. If you don’t mind I really love this Six Sentence concept. Would it be alright if I used this sort of notation to brainstorm for my own stories for game designs? This is a fantastic concept and I’m captivated by the idea of a steampunk fairytale theme. Do you plan on carrying out more and more of them? – I’m following this story for sure!

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