Of fairy-books and Google-fu.

When I was little, I had a particular fairy-related anthology that I loved.

Loved enough to still remember my love for it years later, despite the fact that I remembered next to nothing else about it, beyond the fact that it was of either fairy stories or fairy tales (I wasn’t even sure which), and had yellow on the cover, and was not Andrew Lang’s Yellow Fairy Book, as prior Google searches kept insisting.

Needless to say, searching for this book did not go terribly well, in case you couldn’t guess.

But yesterday, I decided that, somehow or another, I was just going to make Google tell me what it was and be done with it already. (When all else fails: Be stubborn!)

And so I settled myself in for a long, long string of searches.

Then, finally, SOMEHOW, I unearthed what appears to be the sole picture of said book actually posted on the Internet, which in turn led me to this.

The book does exist, and I wasn’t crazy, and there are used copies of it online (one of which should be at my door in a couple of days!), and THIS is the only way to properly describe how I feel:

(Thank you, Dean Winchester.)

Clearly, I am ridiculously excited to read it again. :)

And even more excited that, finally, I have apparently reached the point in my booksluttery where I can take things such as “I’m looking for this book…I don’t remember the title or the author, but…IT WAS BLUE!” and turn them into viable, successful searches.

I’ve a feeling that this will be a useful life-skill, what with working in the book industry and all. Sigh.

And expect more details on the book when my new copy arrives! I don’t suppose I’ll be able to resist any excuse to babble on about fairies and elves…which is only appropriate, I suppose, being that I’m known as the Bookstore Elf and all.


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