Six Sentence Sunday: Clockpunk Pied Piper!

Yup, I’m still on my clockpunk fairy tales kick!

And the bit I’m working on right now (though it’ll all weave together into one big world, once the series itself is a bit more complete) is a clockpunk Pied Piper. :)

She had nightmares of the hordes.

In her dreams the rats stole moonlight, crowded inside the circle of streetlamps and somehow exploded all of the glow, inexplicably bouncing it off of themselves and so sending it out to crash, wavelike, all down the streets.

After that, she could see nothing, and was not sure if she had been blinded or if all the light was merely gone, if it had been stolen away or consumed. (If rats could reflect light in this dream, then why might they not be able to eat it, as well?)

But even though she could not see, she was still quite able to hear.

And the rats scurried, as loud and thunderous as any storm.


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