WeSeWriMo 2012: Welcome to Echolalia.

I mentioned, in my last post, that a new shiny project-related thing would be happening soon.

And now, officially, it has. :)

This month, I’m participating in WeSeWriMo, aka Web Serial Writing Month.

My particular serial is titled Echolalia, and the first post of it is up!

A snippet, for the curious:

The first constant here is need.

Objects move in and out like birds in flight, in strange patterns spurred on by instinct but still indecipherable to the naked human eye; and the patrons follow after them in much the same manner.

She supposes that patrons is not quite the proper word, but then again she doesn’t truly care. They are what they are, and they will come when they will, and in the meantime she will wait.

The first constant here is need, followed by doors that never fully close.

For all that she wears a rusting keyring at her hip, setting off a cacophony of skeleton keys every time she moves, the door to her shop has never once been locked that she can recall. (And while time nowadays is often sharp and the mind blurred, for her it is the reverse, and she remains confident that she would remember.)

She has even seen spiders, nesting, inside the keyhole, and laughingly let them live. They spin their webs like veils within the door, and sees no reason for a barrier more substantial than this.

It isn’t as though the shop is often visited, or even seen.

And if that happens to strike your fancy, you’re more than welcome to go on and follow it. ;) Updates will be posted every Monday…and sprinkled sporadically throughout the rest of the week, as well!

The story itself (and the shop contained inside) will emerge, little by little, as they do.

And I would absolutely love to see all of you there. ♥


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