Second installment of my WeSeWriMo serial is here…and taken over by gargoyles?

The second installment of my WeSeWriMo serial is finally here! :)

And it has been taken over by gargoyles. Yes, gargoyles.

Originally, gargoyles weren’t supposed to be included in the plot at all. But last week, on the day the project itself went live, I visited my local library.

And while standing outside of it, I happened to look up.

And suddenly there was snarling and gigantic teeth flashing through leaves and the most absolutely wonderful gargoyles I have ever, ever seen; and I could only stand there and stare and happily let the figures swarm themselves into my brain.

The library is right next door to a church, you see, and that church has a spire with a tremendous gargoyle guarding every corner. How I somehow never noticed them before, I still cannot understand — but I’m quite happy to have noticed them when I did, because they’ll flesh out this particular WIP in a way I don’t think anything else could. :) (I noticed them when they were ready to be noticed, you might even say.)

It’s strange for me, to now suddenly have physical muses made of stone, but at this point I know far better than to argue with inspiration in any form.

(And the gigantic teeth probably help with the not-arguing, I suppose. :P)

In any case, there should be yet another installment up within the next two days or so! It’s already largely written now, and will be where the plot itself finally starts to show off its threads (if not its random gargoyles). Keep an eye out for updates! ♥


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