Six Sentence Sunday: He was beautiful in the way of knives.

In this week’s Six Sunday, we get our second glimpse of the clockpunk Pied Piper himself!

(Because yes, miraculously, I am somehow still consistently working on the same project! Without flouncing away to do twenty-odd other projects like I always end up doing instead! What is this sorcery?)

He was beautiful in the way of knives.

Purposeful but cold, sharp-edged but smooth, haloed in a dangerous shine.

And something of the unnatural seemed to rumble inside his skin, like raw ores being heated and hammered far beyond what most others could stand.

But she found him beautiful all the same.

She wanted to watch, to follow him down; to see just how much of this pressure she too could stand. She wanted to see what new shape she would take when she herself rose, to see if she too would be as sharp as he, or even sharper still.


9 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: He was beautiful in the way of knives.

  1. Fantastic description, and very clever analogy; you’ve taken “beautiful but deadly” and changed it into something more concrete, which is obviously better (who writes “beautiful but deadly” any more?). Another thing I love about this description is the fact that I already have a picture in my head despite having not actually read any physical description of this character. Great work!

  2. Oh my goodness I am so happy you stopped by my Six so I could read your wonderful blog! Thank you. What a treat. I have joined your “follow” list. I jump all over projects too! Your Six is so finely crafted.


  3. Hello Tsu-chan! I meant to comment on this when you originally posted it but did not. I have nothing especially constructive to say about it, I just wanted to let you know that it is beautiful and sexy and you should write more in this vain and that I thought so. <3

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