An unofficial OctoWriMo? (Amazingly, this does not mean writing eight different projects at the same time!)

I may have lost my mind.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo next month, you see, and have wanted to spend October gearing up for it. Doing NaNo itself is far from the reason for my current insanity — it is certainly a reason for insanity, but one that I’ll concern myself with when November actually hits. (No need to borrow lunacy, and all that; I’m sure there’s plenty already to be had.)

No, the problem right now lies in my preparations for it.

For a while now, I’ve been working on that clockpunk Pied Piper…thing, the one that I’ve been posting snippets of for Six Sentence Sunday. I refer to it as just ‘that thing’, because in all honesty, I still have no idea what in the bleeding hell it actually is.

It started out as a single flash fiction snippet for a daily writing prompt. The snippet refused to die, and then became a series of interconnected flash fiction snippets. Then the snippets started becoming a proper chunk of story, one I still could not make heads or tails of, but that was chanelling itself quite happily through me all the same.

Then the story-chunk somehow became novella-length.

And now, like a bratty little word-vomitting Energizer Bunny, it’s still going…and going…and going.

Meanwhile, I have thrown up my hands and given up any and all semblance of control.

Do I know what the hell it wants to be? Nope. Not a clue. I don’t even care; the damn thing will stop itself when it’s done, anyway, and it isn’t as though I could stop it before then. Does it want to just be a longer novella? Does it want to be a proper novel? (Does it want to, secretly, be the start of a whole series?)

We’ll all find out at the same time, I suppose!

But what does this little beast have to do with NaNo, you ask?

I’m not going to do it for NaNo; not knowing what it is yet, I can’t rightly say that it has fifty thousand more words in it, and I’m not going to push it.

But what about an OctoWriMo?

No, the idea behind this OctoWriMo thing is not writing eight different projects, all at the same time, all within a one-month timeframe. (Although, knowing me and my Libran-author tendencies…ahem.)

Instead, this unofficial OctoWriMo would be a less-panicked NaNoWriMo prep — not to spew out another 50k words and break my brain before NaNo, but to fine-tune the flowing of the juices, to get myself properly into the routine of writing every day, to accomplish something before NaNo as a little confidence-booster of sorts.

So, instead of a strict wordcount goal…

I want to finish the clockpunk Pied Piper this month.

Wordcounts are for next month, and certainly not for this particular project, apparently. The Piper comes as he pleases, and I just put up with him.

But one way or another, I want to finish him this month — whatever ‘finish’ actually turns out to mean. No specifics beyond that, no worries about stringent goals and what’s going to happen with it afterwards.

I just want to tell this bloody story, and I want this story to tell itself through me.

By November, I hope that we’ve managed. ♥

(And is anyone else out there crazy enough to join me with an OctoWriMo of their own?)


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