Happy HalloNaNoEveWeen!

Happy HalloNaNoEveWeen!

NaNoWriMo officially begins in just a handful of hours (here in my timezone, at least), and, typically, exactly as I had predicted, I still have absolutely no idea what in hell I’m going to be writing.

I do have ideas everywhere; I’m not at all stuck in that regard, at least. But even apart from the fact I can’t make decisions anyway, the projects I am most motivated to work on I doubt I can get the 50,000 words out of; and my muses, I have decided, are cats.

Not actual cats; that could at least be interesting. But by cat-muses, I mean that the ones that I am trying to pay attention to (ie, my more sensible-seeming NaNo ideas) want nothing to do with me right now, while the ones I’m trying not to pay attention to are currently clambering all over my brain, whinging desperately at me in miraculously unsubtle demands for love.

Cats. (If you have cats yourself, you will understand exactly what I mean.)

On the bright side, I really am an incurable pantser when it comes to writing, and so I’m not terribly concerned with my lack of time to plot. (Too, for me, part of the fun of writing is finding out stories for myself. If I’ve everything all plotted out as I go and already know everything that’s going to happen, the writing process loses a lot of its magic for me, and I feel that the lack of magic would show up in my prose itself. I don’t want that. I want stories that grow up organically like the living things they are, and I want to be so personally caught up in the magic of it that I can’t help but pass it on to readers, too.)

Ah well. Something or another will start coming out come midnight, and hopefully it will continue coming out thoughout the month!

In the meantime, though, I hope you are all having a safe and happy Halloween, and the best of luck to all of you other crazy-lovely people who are doing NaNo as well! ♥ (Feel free to pimp out your own NaNo projects in the comments, assuming you’re not like me and you have a proper project already, or to become NaNo buddies with me!)

And start yourselves off right:

Take a tiny break from writing on November 1st to go stock yourselves up on all the clearance Halloween candy, because god knows you are going to need it later on in this crazy month. :P


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