Goodbye NaNoWriMo; hello December! (And snow, and blanket-thieving cats.)

It’s December!

(And I know that it’s December, because I woke up to both snow and a gigantic cat stealing my blankets. Sigh.)

It being December, that means that NaNoWriMo is officially over, now. How did you all do? :)

As for me, I ended up not actually winning, which…doesn’t surprise me all that much. I’m a perfectionistic sort of flouncer when it comes to writing; I have to be writing 34089567 different projects simultaneously, and labouring over every single word of every single one of them, in order to be happy.

As a result, NaNoWriMo and I have never really gotten along, hah. (Especially because my prose is not only nitpicked over, but also naturally very sparse. If the word isn’t perfect, doesn’t flow poetically in with all the rest, then I don’t want it.)

But! Despite not winning, I’m not terribly disappointed with how the month turned out. I ended up with ideas for several new projects; wrote a big chunk of one of them (a chunk that I think I might actually be happy with, after some editing); even wrote a bit on the older project that’s been with me for half my life now and is my baby; and most importantly, did not end up spewing out fifty thousand words of something that I would be throwing out today, because I am too perfectionistic to ever look at it again. Which is precisely what would’ve happened if I had won NaNo, oi.

And now that NaNo is over, I can go back to working on The Clockwork Coloratura! Which, I have to say, I’ve missed. I’m excited to go back — and to start posting it for Six Sunday again!

I also want to start posting here in general more, now that NaNo is over. NaNo being over doesn’t mean the end of productivity, you know. :P

If anything, I want to get more done this month than I did last; just not necessarily measure productivity only by wordcount.

And I hope that you all will carry on being productive, as well! ♥

Hello December, indeed. Let’s make this month a good one, yeah?


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