on snow and stories (and this poor neglected blog finally getting its own domain!)

It’s snowing when it should feel like springtime, and today all I want are stories to keep away the chill, to curl up in and try to keep myself warm.

I want to curl up under blankets with books on fairy-lore and unicorns (if I’m considered too old for magic, then I might as well be dead); I want to study astrology until I can tell someone else’s story by mixing said magic with science (because what else are stars, if not science and a sense of magic all in one, and where do human stories start if not from them?); I want my fingers inkstained as proof I am the vessel for stories all my own.

I had thought, once before, that I wanted to be all of these separate things — an author, an astrologer, a folklorist. But, really, that’s not true.

I want to be all of these things, yes, but I’m realising now that they’re not so separate after all.

What I want is to tell stories. To tell as many stories as I humanly can, in as many ways as I can possibly find. And when I am not doing that, I want to be seeing that other stories get to as many people as they possibly can, whether through selling or reviewing or pimping books, or hand-binding books, or eventually starting up my own independent publishing press. (Which, yes, is also a major goal of mine.)

And whether I’m writing, or studying folklore, or reading astrological charts, or reading tarot, or just reading, it all comes back to that.

It all comes back to stories, in the end.

And I want to be a professional storyteller. That is what I want to do with my life, what I want to be remembered as once it’s done; stories are what I want to leave behind.

So, to that end, armed with that knowledge, I’m now officially coming back to this blog. (On a regular basis, even! Fancy that.) This blog will be a place for stories, in all their forms — you will find my writing here, and copious amounts of bookslutting, and The Adventures of an Aspiring Folklorist, and astrological babblings, and activism (because isn’t part of loving stories wanting to enable other stories to continue, and have a happy ending?), and undoubtedly shenanigans, and god only knows what else.

It now even has its own official domain. :)

(Though there is still probably no better way to define me than as the hippie-librarian sort, even if that is no longer this blog’s url.)


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