The Great Gatsby: ‘A very expensive movie about confetti’. ♥

Last night, I finally got to go see The Great Gatsby. (He was, for me, appropriately elusive, though I’d obviously wanted to see the movie since it first came out.)

In the interest of full disclosure, here is my disclaimer: The Great Gatsby is one of my all-time favourite novels. I’ve an obsession with the Fitzgeralds, Scott and Zelda both, that may actually know no bounds.

And I love glitter more than almost anything else in the entire world.

Ergo, I was what you might call biased.

But even being so biased, I still didn’t go into the movie with terribly high expectations. I’d heard negative review after negative review, and wasn’t terribly surprised; Gatsby is a damn hard thing to get right.

And when the movie started, I understood the negative reviews almost immediately:

The majority of it really is absolutely ridiculous. It is the definition of over-the-top.

In short, Gatsby is…Gatsby, and I cannot think of anything better that it could possibly have been.

Gatsby is ridiculous and often-laughable and completely over-the-top and almost impossible to take seriously and a stunningly beautiful blur of lights and sounds that only serves to blind you before the knife slides itself oh-so-neatly into your gut and tears.

Gatsby is the incredibly stubborn celebration of beauty even despite its inevitable fade.

And the movie, I thought, perfectly illustrated all of these things.

So if you’ve never read Gatsby, or didn’t understand the book, or just didn’t like the book, then, no. The movie probably won’t much appeal to you, either, and that’s understandable.

But I thought that it was beautiful and it made me cry and it broke my heart and made the pieces soar at the exact same time and it reminded me of exactly why we have to cherish beauty whenever and wherever we can.

If you ask me, the movie did everything that it needed to do. It did Mr. Jay Gatsby justice. (And Leonardo DiCaprio’s facial expressions were unarguably amazing, whether or the not the movie appealed to you. The rest of the movie could have been utter bollocks, and his facial expressions still would have made it worth it, for me.)

I’ve no complaints. ♥

And those really were the most beautiful shirts I had ever seen, oh my god. (Sadly, I’m not even being snarky — that scene was so beautiful that I actually did cry. And then Daisy started to cry. And I almost had to laugh at myself.)
In short, it was ‘a very expensive [movie] about confetti’, and now if you’ll excuse me, green really is the colour of go. ♥

(Everyone was just screaming and screaming.)


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