Picture Book Review (and it is happily biased!): Francis Driscoll’s The Swan Boat Ride.

If you’ve ever been to Boston with kids (or needed to buy a kid something from Boston), chances are you’re already pretty familiar with Make Way for Ducklings, or the also-adorable Catie Copley.

But what comes after those? How do you follow those up?

Try Frances Driscoll’s The Swan Boat Ride.

On the surface, it’s a young girl recalling the day that her grandmother took her for a ride on the iconic Swan Boats in the Boston Public Gardens, a fabulous thing for a touristy memento. But at its heart, it’s a story about finding magic in the everyday, about every splash of colour being important, about connections to people and places, about memory.

And both the text and art is lovely. Absolutely charming.

I can give you my personal promise on this, as you may notice I was the book’s official editor (in my first proper act of professional bookery!); and I am incredibly, incredibly proud to have been involved, and incredibly proud of the book itself. :) Watching it unfold was a wonderful experience, and nearly as magical as the book itself.

So if you’ve ever been to Boston, and need to give someone else a little bit of magic — or need a little bit of magic for yourself? A little bit of nostalgia, or else to help make a new memory entirely?

The Swan Boat Ride. ♥
(And now, I do believe it is time for me to flounce away and celebrate my first professional editing job, and so exude even more sparkles than I do normally! Yes, that is possible.)


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