flaring colours & oncoming cold

There’s something about flaring colours in the face of oncoming cold — I’m always at my best, creatively, when autumn starts to creep in.

I talked, last night, about how this summer may just be the summer for me, creatively speaking…and if that’s true then I am infinitely excited to see what this fall will bring.

And, in preparation, I am attempting to get myself properly back into the swing of things, here. :)

So, then! A few very quick updates for you. ♥

I’ve gone back to using Twitter! Expect lots of writing, bookslutting, shenanigans, sparkles, and cats, all crammed into 140 characters or less. (And if I should be following you — let me know!)

I’m also back to trying out Tumblr in earnest! (And, again, if I should be following you, please don’t hesitate to let me know. ♥)

• Most of what I think I’ll be posting on Tumblr is flash fiction/vignettes. Thus far, I’ve posted two pieces:
“I found out the world had fallen apart at four in the morning” &
“One day you threatened to throw the furniture against the wall.”
(We’ll see what else happens there, I s’pose.)

What about you, darlings? What have you all been up to this summer that I should know about? :)


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