Friday Fictioneers: Days carry on spinning.

…and, finally, I’m getting back to the Friday Fictioneers, as well!

This makes me ridiculously happy; I had missed this so much. ♥

Copyright: Renee Heath

Copyright: Renee Heath


Time does not stop.

(Days carry on spinning even outside the cocoon; otherwise, what would the point of the cocoon be at all?)

But time does, however, slow.

The girl walks beside the boy, and as the bounce in her step increases almost to a skip (he is tall, so very tall, and he reminds her that she does not have to be small and cold), her white cotton dress flares upwards into a momentary cocoon all its own.

And she is surrounded, by it, by him; and somehow she feels every inch of her begin to stretch and grow.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Days carry on spinning.

  1. Wow you have so much going on in this piece. Lovely references to time and I’d say the use of the metaphor of time and the girl. Great ideas Jacey.

  2. Dear Jacey,

    Have we met? If not welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Warning, it’s an addictive exercise in brevity. Very nice bit of writing. I look forward to more.



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