“We either live happily ever after or we get killed by horrible curses:” On The 10th Kingdom, and other early creative influences!

Last night, I discovered that The 10th Kingdom has finally been re-released on DVD.

My reaction was immediate, overjoyed, absolutely unrepentant capslock. And, of course, to order myself a copy, as I’ve not gotten to watch it in its entirety in years.

I’ll save for the proper squealing-session/’review’ for when I have watched it again, but, for now?

The 10th Kingdom first aired when I was about thirteen or so. When it did, I recorded the whole bleeding thing on VHS (VHS tapes which I still had until I lost them in my Epic Appalachian Emancipation™, aka my ridiculously eventful escape/move up north), and one of my still-BFFs and I were so ridiculously excited about it that we would call each other when it came on and watch the episodes together over the phone.

Yep. There was, without a doubt, some serious fangirling to be had, right from the start.

But I realised last night that there was more than that, too:

Looking back, I’m pretty sure that The 10th Kingdom was actually one of the biggest Creative Influences (deserving even of capital letters) on me, ever — and that it was also largely responsible for my continuing rampant obsession with fairytales as an adult/author.

(And, to this day, if I could choose other people’s fictional characters to steal for my own brainchildren, Wolf would still be in my top ten. ♥)

And that got me thinking. If The 10th Kingdom was one of my biggest early influences…what were the others?

It didn’t take me long to come up with a list…or to start laughing at myself once I had.

Animalia, by Graeme Base
Eccentric Circles, by Rebecca Lickiss
Into the Land of the Unicorns, by Bruce Coville
The Truth About Unicorns, by James Cross Giblin
Telltale Lilac Bush, by Ruth Ann Musick

So, in short, what turned Tiny!Jacey into the StillTiny!Jacey: Storyteller she is today?



Yeah, that sounds about right. ♥

I think Wolf summed it all up best himself: ‘We either live happily ever after or we get killed by horrible curses.’

Oh, indeed.


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