Bookslut Saturdays: “The land inspired them and there was no bookshop, so they drank some wine and decided to open one.”

Because I think this blog needs a shiny new thing…

Introducing Bookslut Saturdays!

What are Bookslut Saturdays, you ask?

Simple: Every Saturday, there will be a post here slutting it up over books. Maybe over one particular book (ie, a review), or several particular books; maybe over books in general, or even just me waxing poetic for an entire post over the way that old books smell. (Do not put this past me, because I very easily could. Probably too easily.)

For this first Bookslut Saturday, though, I think we’ll just focus on books in general. :)

So, then! On with the bookslutting.


Atlantis Books

“In the spring of 2002, Oliver and Craig spent a week on the island of Santorini. The land inspired them and there was no bookshop, so they drank some wine and decided to open one. Oliver named it Atlantis Books and the two laughed about how their children would run it someday.

We found an empty building facing the sunset, drank some whiskey and signed a lease. We found a dog and cat, opened a bank account, applied for a business license, found some friends, built the shelves, landed a boat on the terrace and filled the place with books. Jenny came in April and painted everything blue.

Atlantis Books opened in the spring of 2004 and lived below the castle for one year. In the winter of 2005 we moved into the center of town and settled nicely into the community. We’ve had food festivals and film festivals, writers reading on the terrace, and a host of cats and dogs.

The bookshop feels like home now and we’re still laughing about how our children will run it someday. As Will says, it’s as easy as that. As you. As that.”

…more than maybe anything, I want this to be my life. ♥

The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

In all honesty, if I ever became rich, probably one of the very first things I would do would be to take a tour of the world specifically to visit bookshops. And then open up a ridiculously beautiful bookshop of my very own.

(There’s even a flying bike in one of these bookshops! Seriously, how is that not amazing?)

10 Inspiring Bookshops Around the World

In particular, I think Barter Books might be next on my list to visit, after Atlantis Books. The catchphrase Keep Calm and Carry On was actually rediscovered there!

(Also, it’s ridiculously beautiful.)

Bookish Pet Peeves

My favorite recent customer pet peeve was a 12-year-old girl with a great, dry sense of humor whose reading taste runs toward fantasy. “I like some realistic books,” she said, “but not the kind that are, like,” [she adopted a melodramatic, quavery Southern accent], “I saw the rain … on the farm … and it reminded me … of Papa.” That made me laugh for days.

Yep. Little girl nailed it, I daresay. :)

That, and for me, I have to care about the characters before I can care about the book, which I’ve talked about here before. (Wuthering Heights, I am still looking at you disapprovingly over my glasses as I push them pointedly up the bridge of my nose.)

The characters don’t necessarily have to be generally likable for me to care about them; for example, I was absolutely fascinated by the narrator of The Gargoyle, despite the fact that he seemed to offend most other people’s delicate sensibilities. But he was interesting, and understandable, and perhaps most importantly had to be offensive at first so that he could grow and develop as a character; and he was transformed fantastically well, and felt so real all the while. And therefore I adored him.

What are your bookish pet peeves, darling readers?


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