Bookslut Saturday: On Will Lavender’s upcoming The Descartes Circle, and book-kinks!

I will read damn near anything.

Part of the whole ‘being a bookslut’ thing and all, you understand; try most anything once! As such, my list of favourite books is an amorphous pile of incoherency — it covers everything from surrealist English snark about the apocalypse, with a misplaced Antichrist who just wants to save the whales; to gay Victorians (plural); to flappers sobbing over shirts; to Ghostly Marital Issues™; to creepy cats and drugged-up teaparties; to dissertations on mistaking elephants for hats; to boy wizards with unruly hair fighting evil noseless immortals; to gun-toting cowboys, former addicts, schizophrenic women in wheelchairs, Schrödinger’s kids, and talking animals Off Questing; to magical circuses; to the mafia; to ponies.

Try anything once, indeed.

While I had things that I particularly enjoyed (magical realism!), I’d not really found my own little ‘niche’.

And then, in early 2009, I spotted a book called Obedience, by Will Lavender, and I had to pick it up.

If we’re being honest, it was the title that first caught my attention (kinky little bookslut, hah), but when I read the summary I realised I wouldn’t be leaving the store without it.

I didn’t.

Obedience went home with me, I tore through it, it blew my mind, and when I finished it I was instantly both very, very in love and very, very disappointed.

Because it was only February, and I knew already that I’d read the best book I would read all year.

I was right. Nothing else could touch it.

Obedience was it. It completely embodied what turned out to be my bookslutting niche.

I want to be mindfucked, and hard.

And I’ve since found other books that manage it — Gone Girl did so fabulously, for example, and I’m currently reading The New York Trilogy which is also absolutely blowing my mind — but it’s still Will Lavender that nails it.

Gone Girl is a mindfuck based around a marriage. The New York Trilogy is a noir-ish private eye mindfuck.

But Will Lavender does academic mindfucks. Obedience takes place in a Logic and Reasoning class. His second novel, Dominance, takes place in a night class whose professor teaches from a video feed…in jail.

And yeah. That. Academia-based mindfucking apparently gets this little bookslut right the hell off.

Talk about a specific book-kink.

And ever since discovering it, my reading life has essentially been a repeat of 2009:


I read Obedience and was desperate for more. I got my hands on a magical advance copy of Dominance, and damn near exploded, and then have been desperate for more ever since.

(Incorrigable bookslut, too, on top of being a kinky one.)

Then, the other day, I discovered this, and damn near exploded all over again.

And really did explode when I realised I couldn’t have it yet, and have no idea when I can.

This is the very definition of ‘bookslut problems’..

But still! I am a desperate little bookslut, and I will take what I can get, and I am ecstatic to know the thing is even in progress. :)

(Though I am admittedly a little bit disappointed at the title, and the fact it wasn’t Submission or some such. Ahem.)

This is currently my most anticipated book, and I cannot wait, and you all need to read Will Lavender too. ♥

In the meantime…what are your book-kinks?


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