Bookslut Saturday: NO PREHENSILIZING.

This week’s Bookslut Saturday is going to be a tiny one, as a much bigger bookslutty surprise is currently in the works! :) (And will, I hope, be coming very very soon.)

But it’s going to start off with a whole damn lot of pretty:

Was not aware that one could photograph heaven, but it seems that someone has managed.

And there’s more where that came from: 20 More Beautiful Bookstores from Around the World. Seriously, so much pretty.
And then we go straight from heaven to one of my biggest dreams:

8 Beautiful Bookstores in Residential Spaces

This? Is what I want, more than maybe anything. I want a house, where I live upstairs with a group of fellow creatives (yes, I really am That Hippie, and I’ve the Rapunzel-length hair and floufy skirts to prove it), and sell books and tell stories from the downstairs, running a bookshop and writing and doing astrological and tarot readings, with my aforementioned group of fellow creatives, all in the space where we live. ♥

Basically, I want my life to be Black Books, only with less secondhand smoke, I s’pose (and definitely no prehensilizing):

 And, on a final note — it’s Banned Books Week! To celebrate, go check out The Outliers: A Tribute to Writers Who Refuse To Stay Silent.


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