Writinglust: USB Typewriter!

As a Bookslut, my Booklust is admittedly …profound. (As anyone who has ever seen me in a bookstore knows, dear lord.) But my Writinglust — that is, my lust for writing tools, such as pens — tends to be somewhat more manageable.


(I do have a near-irrepressible urge to buy every single pretty notebook and blank journal that I see, and a ridiculous collection of still-blank ones I cannot bring myself to actually write in because they are too pretty, buuut we’ll just not talk about that. Ahem.)

Compared to my Booklust, it really isn’t all that bad.

Or, rather, it wasn’t all that bad. And then I saw this:
Yes, that is exactly what it looks like — a typewriter converted into a functional keyboard for an iPad.

Aaand my lust instantly flew right off the charts.

Mind you, I do not have an iPad. I never particularly wanted an iPad/full-sized tablet, and certainly never planned to buy one. (I am a very tiny thing, and me carrying around something iPad-sized would just be unnecessarily unwieldy.) But suddenly? DON’T CARE.

This is fabulous. And, I think, it’s the way that I would ideally want to write.

It’s made even harder to resist by the fact that the model pictured above is my absolute favourite typewriter of all time, and I’ve wanted one from the moment I first saw it, even if just for decorative purposes. But with this, that gorgeous typewriter wouldn’t just be decorative, or impractical!

Yep. Writinglust is off the charts, and I couldn’t resist sharing this amazing little thing with everyone else. ♥

Now, to somehow magic up the money for this and a tablet both…

Ahh, nothing like shiny pretty things to inspire you towards new goals. :)
Edit: Alternately, you can use this with a smartphone, instead of a tablet! Dammit, now I want it even more.


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