Hello and welcome to Fires in the Walls!


As the new title of this blog makes clear, I tell stories. Telling stories is what I’m programmed to do, what I want to do.

And for those of you who don’t know me personally…well, my own life makes for some of the most epic stories of all.

Particularly my childhood growing up in Appalachia, and my eventual escape from both it and the insane family who called the cops on me for moving. At age twenty-two.

The insane family, complete with a potentially-homicidal father, an equally-unstable mother who compared me to Hitler, who was convinced that I was possessed by demons, who insisted that she was having heart attacks because it “felt like there was nothing in [her] brain.”

(And, no, I’m not making any of this up. I couldn’t if I tried.)

And because there’s no way in hell I’d let stories like that go to waste, I’ve finally begun writing them all out.

Cue the unveiling of my latest secret project, Fires in the Walls: Or, I Don’t Feel Like Hitler. :)

The stories will be posted there as I write them, at least once a week on Saturdays, and then eventually compiled together into a book. So feel free to come follow the blog and watch the insanity unfold! ♥


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