[Random poetry, and an update!] “bone, stripped, bare.”

It seems that I am physically incapable of cleaning without unearthing random scraps of writing in the process. Things that I no longer even remember writing. At all.

This is one of last night’s more interesting bits (edited slightly as I typed it up). I still have no idea.

here is the thing:
i can be just
as cruel as you.

will let you destroy me,
if it means that destroying me
will destroy you, too

we will go down
all pounding
sprays of blood and heavy
words breaking teeth into
feral-sharp points and
bone, stripped, bare.

Ah, brain. You bizarrely random little thing, you.

And speaking of monstrous little bits of writing… Post #5 is now up at Fires in the Walls!

And it occurs to me sometimes that I really did spawn from monsters.

I just wish that this actually translated into something badass, like the Hydra or Jörmungandr.

(And yes, I really am that much of a nerd, that this is how I react. :P)


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