Bookstores, blizzards, and…flying birds?!

Somehow, blizzards spent in bookstores really are the most bizarrely entertaining thing.

I first learned this last month, and I do believe today proved it.

First, there was the lady I had to spend several minutes with, patiently explaining to her why, exactly, the hardcover book she wanted (which came out all of two days ago) was not yet out in paperback as well.

Then there was the gentleman who picked up another book, stared at it, and then stared over at me: “This says ‘Scholastic’ on it! What does that mean?!”

But the real highlight was the tourist lady who approached me afterwards, holding out a copy of Make Way for Ducklings and looking frightfully confused.

“This book is called Make Way for Ducklings…”
“But…” And here she opened the book to a particular illustration of a duck in flight. “It’s flying!
“…well, yes. Because ducks fly.”
And then the woman’s confusion morphed into utterly inexplicable awe. “DUCKS FLY?!”

I reiterated the fact that, yes, ducks do indeed fly, and her eyes just continued to widen further in the kind of honest bafflement you really cannot fake, until finally she took her book about the mysteriously flying birds (birds! flying! imagine that!) and wandered back away.

And by that point I was left very nearly as confused as she was.

I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.


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