Love, bookslutting about, and a writing announcement amidst apocalypses!

Happy Valentine’s Day/International Book Giving Day, my lovelies!

And because I cannot personally tackle you all with love and glitter and libraries (yes, entire libraries, shush)…have an announcement today, instead!

Come April, barring explosions and/or sudden death or dismemberment, I plan to release my first ebook, titled “& the galaxy is you: love stories at the end of the world.”

As the title would suggest, it’s a novella-length collection of shorts, all based around the theme of (surprise!) love at the end of the world.

A tiny snippet, as an example!

What I remember most are the lights on the water.
Buildings were falling all around us, the once-familiar skyline suddenly the world’s most expensive set of dominoes. Cars were crashing, from panic and debris both, making piles of themselves as if in some attempt to fill in the skyline’s new gaping holes. People were screaming, high and guttural and pained and raw. There were prayers, a constant litany of all faiths — and no faith at all, but rather desperation instead — blurring into one single background hum.
You stood beside me and held my hand.
We stopped, quietly, in the middle of a bridge. The city was clearly no longer safe, no, but neither was there anywhere left to go. The roads were as dangerous as the city’s heart, now, and as for me I think I’d rather die standing on my own ground.
I’d rather die beside you.
I’d rather face this down.
So we stood there, on the bridge, and I breathed in time with your pounding pulse, and our fingers both grew white with our own tightening grips as if in practice for becoming bone.

And, perhaps most excitingly of all… I was lucky enough to have my darling friend Fishie, who is fabulous and talented to a truly ridiculous degree and many other positive adjectives, agree to do the cover design for me!

And the mock-up of it she put together today?

Jesus Christ on a crawfish. It’s so beautiful I literally could have cried:



For all that I appreciate all of the books and cute things strewn about today, damn if I’m not looking forward to spring, and I hope you all are too. :)


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