Panic and a writing playlist!

Yesterday after work, I finally was able to get my hands on Lauren Oliver’s latest, Panic! :D (I say “finally” as though it hadn’t just come out the day before, but I couldn’t help being extra-impatient for this one.)

I started reading it on the train home. Kept reading. Got home. Curled up with my cats, and kept right on reading until I’d finished the whole thing a few hours later.

I’m going to do a proper review of it here soon, but for the time being? Let that last paragraph stand for itself. :)

(And if it still doesn’t suffice — then in a word, love.)

Yesterday was a damn good book day.

And on the writing side of things… I finally got around to making myself a writing mix, too! Not a playlist for any piece or project in particular, but rather for my writing life in general — songs that inspire me, songs that I feel suit the mood I go for with my prose, etc.

And after much fussing, I think I’m actually pretty happy with how the whole damn thing turned out.

So, if any of you lovely folk would like to have a listen and some fun music to go write to yourselves (or for the hell of it)… ;)

Feel free to pop on over to look up: a writing mix!


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