“Arthur discovers Muggle Prozac and offers it to Harry?” Oh my god.

Tonight, while cleaning out the closet, I came across an old, Hedwig-covered notebook…in which a very tiny Jacey had essentially live-journaled waiting in line for the very first Harry Potter film.

Apparently, I had been most excited for the Forbidden Forest (“centaurs!!”), and afterwards was really rather bitter that they had omitted my favourite quote (“HAVE YOU GONE MAD? ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?”) Which, in all fairness, still makes me sad, because Rupert Grint yelling that would have been absolute gold, and would have made the movie in and of itself.

But, Harry Potter being Harry Potter and all, I was still very happy to’ve not only seen it, but to’ve gotten in line so ridiculously early that there was only one other person ahead of my friends and I. :)

And then, years later, I repurposed the notebook to hold my theories as I waited for Half-Blood Prince instead.

And it seems that, after Harry’s antics in Order of the Phoenix, by that point even I had absolutely nothing left but sass, so this was the list of theories in its entirety:

Shortest stay at Dursley’s = Dudley sat on house?

Ron dies and Hermione saves him with Time-Turner (“Bloody hell! I was DEAD???”)

Arthur discovers Muggle Prozac and offers it to Harry?

Shortest stay at Dursley’s = Ron calls, Vernon answers, is deafened, and they kick Harry out. (And then Harry hates Ron. Again.)

Oh my god.

(…also a bit disappointed that some of these didn’t pan out, I’m not going to lie.)

It’s finding things like this that make cleaning worth it.


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