Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: Book #2!

Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: Book #2!
Uni the Unicorn, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager!
Originally, this book was not on my list. Until tonight, I did not even know that this book existed.

But I happened to spot a copy near the end of this evening’s shift, and I fell instantly, instantly, instantly in love. To the point where I think I was amusing (and quite possibly alarming) my coworkers with all of my fawning over it.

My coworkers usually do laugh at me, when unicorns are involved. Fun fact: At this point, “Unicorn Princess” is actually my unofficial job title at the bookstore. As in, yes, it is quite literally what my coworkers call me.

So I saw Uni the Unicorn and may or may not have Had A Moment which may or may not have involved me quite literally bouncing on the balls of my feet, and I am not sorry.

And the book itself did not disappoint. At all.

The art is damn near perfect, and I want prints of pretty much every single page to plaster on my walls (and also to personally tell Brigette Barrager that she is amazing, because she is).

The story itself is just as darling. Our titular heroine, Uni, was like all the other unicorns, “in almost every way.” She had a “magnificent mane (though Uni’s was extra magnificent).” She had “golden hooves (though Uni’s were extra golden).” She had the “sparkling purple eyes (though Uni’s were extra sparkling).” And so on.

But there is one big difference. Unlike all the other unicorns, you see, Uni believed that little girls are REAL.

And no matter what anyone else said, or how much they may have laughed at her, Uni knew that “somewhere far away (but not that far away), there was a little girl waiting…a strong smart wonderful magical little girl. And she would be the best friend a unicorn could ever ask for.”

And this? This is the book for every single girl (or boy, or adult who was once a little girl or boy themselves) who believed, too.

Because really, what could possibly beat the thought of a real little unicorn somewhere out there, just patiently believing in you?


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