Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: #5!

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Day Dreamers, by Emily Winfield Martin.

Maybe it’s cheating to follow Dream Animals up with Day Dreamers, but I don’t care.

Take everything wonderful about Dream Animals. The sense of magical realism. The diverse cast of human characters. The beautiful art and matching prose. And then add in mythical creatures instead.

Yeah. I’m in love.

Even with the mythical creatures, though, it still does manage to retain the magical realism. Only here, instead of realistic animals in fantastic situations, it’s the reverse — fantastic animals in realistic situations.

You don’t need to search for secret doors
Or magic words to speak.
Your imaginings will carry you
Anywhere you seek.

And the ordinary world
Will never guess where you have gone

To chase your wondering, wandering heart
Into the place beyond.

Extra bonus points for this book include the cutest Cerberus ever, a hippocampus (!), Nessie, riding a phoenix to photograph dinosaurs (as you do), and a cameo from one of the Unicorn Tapestries (and of course, more unicorns themselves).

I honestly didn’t think that they’d be able to follow Dream Animals up with anything nearly as good, but I was incredibly happy to be proved wrong. :)


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