Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: #8!


Press Here, by Hervè Tullet.

The title is a simple instruction: Press Here.

The art is a simple collection of colourful dots peppered on white pages.

And it’s brilliant.

But it’s that special, childlike sort of brilliant that a picture book really should be.

It starts out with a single bright yellow dot sitting in the middle of an otherwise-blank page. You follow the instruction, Press Here, and turn the page.

And suddenly, on the second page, yet another yellow dot has appeared, with another set of instructions: Great! Now press the yellow dot again.

And you do so, and then turn the page, and then there are three dots. And so it goes. You press, you tap, you shake, you tilt, and I have seen so many faces light up in the process of experiencing this book that it is honestly adorable. (For the record, more than a few of them have been adults’.)

Again with my “books are magic” theme — this is another one that proves it. It gets people (not even just kids, but people) engaged, and it gets them excited. And it does so without pop-ups, or flaps, or screentime, or anything beyond words and dots on paper.

This book can compete with an iPad for a kid’s attention.

And if that doesn’t tell you Tullet really is a genius, I don’t know what does.


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