Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: #11!


Hug Machine, by Scott Campbell.

As someone quite literally referred to as her bookstore’s “Unicorn Princess,” of course I had to put a book called Hug Machine on this list. You can’t escape the Hug Machine.

Seriously, it’s right in the text: I hug everything I see! No one escapes the Hug Machine. (And then cue illustrations of said Hug Machine hugging a fire hydrant, a park bench, a mailbox, and a tree, respectively.)

If I ever spawned, I am fairly certain that the Hug Machine is precisely what my own little Unicorn Princess sproglet would be. For now, though, I am more than content with this book itself.

It chronicles the hugging of an adorably-bashful gigantic bear. (“My hugs make the biggest feel small.”) The hugging of a toothily-smiling tiny turtle. (“The smallest feel big.”)

He hugs soft things. (Like sheep.) He hugs hard things. (Like boulders.) He hugs square things. (Like ice cream trucks, with rather baffled drivers.) He hugs long things! (Like giant cowboy-hatted snakes.)

Because he is the Hug Machine!

Yep. It really is just an entire book about hugging. Everything. (See also: Porcupines and whales.) Complete with a brief interlude about eating pizza, and also the phrase, “HUG ACCOMPLISHED.” Which may or may not be my new favourite thing.

Give it to anyone having a bad day. Send a copy to anyone you can’t physically hug. Buy a copy for yourself to use as a proverbial hug when you’re the one feeling down.

Because trust me, if this doesn’t work, then I think it’s safe to say that nothing will.


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