Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: #17!

click clack moo

Click Clack Moo, by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin.

An incredibly goofy premise that could actually be rather horrifying if you think about it for too long: What if farm animals could communicate to humans, and protest their own treatment?

But, being a kids’ book, this does in fact stay firmly on the side of goofy. Very goofy.

Somehow or another, Farmer Brown’s cows have acquired a typewriter. And the ability to type on it, despite the fact that they have hooves. And also literacy.

After all these accomplishments, it’s really no wonder that these cows are stubbornly optimistic souls, and quite determined to get what they want.

Such as electric blankets.

But Farmer Brown is stubborn too, and not keen on giving in so easily. An epic battle of wills ensues, with typewritten demands passed back and forth by Duck (a neutral party). Cows go on strike, and the chickens join in. Farmer Brown demands his milk and eggs still be produced regardless, and has no intentions of outfitting his barn with electric blankets.

But then again…how do you win an argument against cows who can type?

Yeah. You really can’t.

And you can’t argue with this book’s charm, either.

Good luck not giggling, especially at the end. :)
(ps: Buy this book for your Taurus friends! Because a book about intensely stubborn cows who want to be cozy is all Taurus, through and through. ♥)


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