Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: #27!


My Pet Book, by Bob Staake.

Here’s a secret: For the last few days of this month, our final selections are all going to be picture books about books.

Because I can, and because what better note could I end on?

And the first of the lot is the book I most wish I’d had myself, as a kid. I’d have loved any of these, I’m sure, but My Pet Book would have had a particularly special place in my heart then, and does now.

Its premise is exactly what it sounds like: A little boy gets himself a rather unusual pet.

A book.

Wanting a pet is an infinitely familiar aspect of childhood, one that most of us can probably relate to. But a pet book?

That brings back memories of my own childhood, which was largely spent clinging to books in my baby carriage (well before I had any concept of how to read them). Or carrying books around with me everywhere I went, even when I knew I wouldn’t have time to read, like a strange sort of security blanket.

Books, just like pets, can be wonderful companions, and this particular book makes that fact abundantly clear. ♥


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