Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: #28!


The Midnight Library, by Kazuno Kohara.

“There is a little library that only opens at night. In the library there is a little librarian—and her three assistant owls—who helps everyone find the perfect book. The library is always peaceful and quiet . . . until one night when some of the animals stir up a little trouble (and a little fun!) in the Midnight Library.”

How are you not in love with this already? Come on.

This concept would have been the most magical thing in the entire world to me, as a kid, and it’s still pretty damn magical now. A midnight library! Animal assistants and patrons!

Add the art — adorably simplistic on a cozy yellow background (that makes it feel just right for bedtime) — and the happy smiles of both the patrons and the little librarian, and I think it’s a little bit impossible not to be charmed.

Especially when you come to the part with the near-crisis involving a slow-reading tortoise who refuses to leave without finishing the last five hundred pages of his novel. (And the solution to that particular problem? You guessed it — like quite a few other problems in life, it is in fact fixed by a library card!)

If a kid loves reading, they will love this.

And if they don’t love reading, then I daresay this might help. ♥


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